Features of iPad Air

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In this blog post, we will see about the new features of iPad Air. iPad Air is 20% thinner than earlier one and weighs 1 pound i.e. 456 grams only. iPad Air is so powerful and capable because of its A7 chip (same as in iPhone 5s). This iPad has great and faster wireless configuration and integrated with iOS 7 version.

  • 1 – Pound
  • 28% – Lighter
  • 20% – Thinner
  • 24% – Less Volume


best design dimensions Features of iPad Air

iPad Air Specs

Retina Display:

iPad Air has a retina display even more brighter than earlier versions. 2048 x 1536 resolution and over 3.1 million pixels, photos, videos and text look sharper than ever.

best design Features of iPad Air

iPad Air Best Design


iPad Air has A7 chip and M7 processor which expedites the performance and produce greater experience while playing games. iPad Air has 64 bit architechture design which provides twice CPU speed and great graphics output. Note that your battery stands up to 10 hours to study, read, play, and many more.

performance gallery Features of iPad Air

iPad Air

In next post, we will see more about iPad Air Features. Stay Tuned!

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 Features of iPad Air
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 Features of iPad Air

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